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Preventive Dental Care for Children and Adults

At HSDH we provide preventive dentistry for infants, children, adults, and seniors, which is the foundation of good oral health.

  • For Infants: We offer an infant oral examination to assess the health of your baby’s mouth and help you develop a daily program of good oral hygiene. We recommend dental check-ups once your baby’s first teeth appear to prevent cavities and gum disease at a young age.

  • For Children: We make sure your child get regular dental cleaning and examination every 6 months. We may also recommend fluoride treatments and sealants as preventive measures.

    One of the most effective tools for preventing decay in baby’s teeth is the use of fluoride. It has been proven that fluoride helps form strong teeth and prevent decay. The amount of fluoride needed depends on your baby’s feeding habits and the amount of fluoride in your water supply; therefore make sure to check with your dentist before adding it to your child’s regimen.

    Another preventive measure is the use of fissure sealant, which is a special varnish that seals the deep grooves in the teeth and protects them from getting decay. Fissure sealants procedure involves cleaning the tooth first, and then applying a blue gel which is a mild acid solution to 'etch' the surface and make it easier for the pit and fissure sealant to stick. The whole procedure is quick and painless.

    Teeth Whitening Teeth Whitening
  • For Adults and Seniors: We recommend regular dental cleaning and examination for the health of your teeth and gums, and to your overall health. Our dental team will recommend the appropriate frequency of visits based on your needs, usually every 6 months.